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Welcome to TCM.

I'm so glad you're here!


I am Talia Caira Mervosh, a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Podcast Host that serves growth-minded, high-vibe humans in gaining clarity, purpose, passion, and overall soul-alignment. This work I do is so sacred and special to me and I hope, if you align with it as much as I do, that it can serve you like it has served hundreds of others!


How did I get here?

Well to be honest, I have been guiding others since I was a 7 years old. Family, friends, and even friends of friends would constantly request my help with navigating their relationships, family struggles, and overall life challenges. I would ask questions to see how I could help them, and as they shared their viewpoint, answers would come to me intuitively. So together, using my deep questions, their answers, and my wisdom within, we would get them solutions that felt healthy and aligned! As I got older, graduated both college and graduate school, I began a career in Higher Education (advising college and University students). While doing so, I soon realized that I had a gift, a calling, and a unwavering purpose inside of me that could no longer be ignored... I am here to help people. Little did I know what I've been doing since 7 years old is actually called "Life Coaching."

How can Talia help me?

As a Life Coach, I first connect with you on a personal level; How can you expect anyone to help you, if they don’t learn who you really are? I take my time to learn about your life, your personality, your background, and your needs, wants, and desires for the future. When working with me, I provide a safe and sacred space for you to expand and evolve your way of life.

Next, we explore! Every session, I ask you questions to find deeper meaning, reasoning, and solutions to what you really want out of life. We add in “play" exercises, creative outlets, and mindfulness practices into your daily life to see what’s hiding underneath all the noise inside of you. We break you out of the boxes you may have put yourself in, we remove the victim-hood, and see past the self-sabotaging behaviors to help you FINALLY feel free, aligned, and open to all that this beautiful life has to offer.

I’m am a one of a kind coach. Meaning, I do things differently than any coach, therapist, or "guru" out there. For one, you are not just a number to me. You are a human being with a soul. Therefore, I use my intuitive gifts, wisdom from within, and proven practices + mindset strategies to pair with my Masters degree in Educational Leadership to guide you towards the clarity, ease, and freedom you've been craving for. I believe that once we create freedom and peace INTERNALLY, abundance flows freely towards you EXTERNALLY.

We find the mindset, emotional, or spiritual practices and tools that align best for YOU. We curate and customize your action steps based on what you’re feeling, needing, or craving in your life.


You will not only conquer your fears, doubts, and goals, but you will also leave coaching with me feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and consistently EMBODYing who you know you already are.

Ready to align?

Certified Life Coach | Speaker | Podcast Host

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