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What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist?

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Source: Executive Coach International


Coaching is a relationship between Coach and Client. The Coach focuses on advancing a client's potential by working hand-in-hand with client to reach their specific life goals in various domains of life. Coaches are more concerned with the gap between the present and envisioned future. Coaching helps clients feel empowered, 

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” ICF (International Coaching Federation) 


"The study of the mind and behavior…the understanding of behavior is the enterprise of psychologists."  (APA: American Psychology Association)


A Life Coach helps the clients set clear aligned goals. A coach works along side the client in guiding and presenting new perspectives, perceptions, or solutions the client may have never thought about before. A Life Coach supports and holds a client accountable to the change the client seeks to make and untangles limiting beliefs from the clients mindset. Life Coaches motivate, encourages, and uplifts the fog from the clients life.

TIME FOCUS of LIFE COACHING: The present and future.
We do touch on your beliefs, childhood influences, and background to gain knowledge that will help us see through to what the root is. Then, we create awareness from the past and use it as fuel and implementation of what to do in the future. Life Coaching cares more about where you're going than where you have been. But I, care about both. As I believe they both play a KEY role in who you are, who you desire to be, and how to get you there in a way that BEST SERVES YOU.


Therapy focuses heavily on the client's past. Relationships, experiences, and situations that led the client to seek out therapy and a solution or diagnosis to a clinical prognosis.


Shorter. Usually 3 or 6 months, sometimes longer. I have worked with clients as short as 1 session (that's how quickly this can work), up to 2 years (because growth is a journey and some souls crave consistent sessions throughout their different seasons of life). Book a free consultation here to see which would work best for you.


Longer. Usually ranging a year to several years.


Active role! Openness, vulnerability, accountability in conversations,. Client chooses their own action steps based on what their needing most in the phase of life that they are in. Client is responsible for showing up to sessions on time, scheduling own sessions, trying out new methods and mindsets, and willing to step out of comfort zone. We work together to discover your true, authentic self. Not the self you think you should (or have to) be.


Responsive role. Openness in in therapy session. Willing to answer therapist questions directed around feelings, emotions, behaviors, and challenges you struggle with. 

What can I expect when we work together?​

When we work together, you will choose your consistency with sessions. You can choose the number of sessions you want here. Some clients prefer weekly, bi-weekly. Some clients prefer monthly or quarterly. My coaching is not "one size fits all" -- its what size fits you, in the season of life that you are in right now.


In each session, I will ask you many questions to get to understand who you are, what you value, where you want to go in life, and how you will obtain that while we work together. Coaching sessions are private, not recorded, and can go from 60-minutes up to 120 minutes depending on  your preference. Clients have the freedom and access to schedule sessions whenever aligns for them. Any clients will receive emails periodically for updates and accountability, FREE access to my monthly TCM Talks, as well as FREE access to my monthly membership community: The Compass Collective while you are a client. 

I use an arsenal of techniques, tools, and strategies along with my gift of intuition to help you gain clarity, motivation, empowerment, and action. Together we will work hand-in-hand to get you where you want to be. I am with you throughout the process and you are never alone, whether its from our sessions, email exchanges, The Compass Collective community, live events, monthly TCM Talks, or attending one of the many group programs, there is always communication. When you work with me, you work with your mind, body, soul, and world, together.


Open-mindedness. Vulnerability & transparency. And commitment to the growth journey. Our work together will help you shift your mindset, perception, and might challenge your current reality to a better, more fulfilling life, but only if you allow it to.

Can you guarantee I reach my goals?

No. I am not you. I can not make you do anything. You are the only one who can move yourself in the direction that YOU want to go in. I help you figure out what direction that is and keep you accountable to that which most aligns with you. You are the leader of your life. I am the service to help you get up, start moving, and align in the direction that you are magnetized towards. I support you, encourage you, motivate and inspire you to take action on the steps you set for yourself during our sessions together. I remind you who the heck you are and bring out the light that's been hiding inside of you all along. I help you map out the next steps in front of you and watch your mind, body, and soul expand into what you've always wanted it to be! But, none of that can happen without you committing to your growth and showing up for your goals.


I help my clients better NAVIGATE their life by LOCATING their inner compass and RECALIBRATING it to align with their own True North.

I do this based on my clients individual needs.

**This work is NOT one size fits all. Its the Higher Education of the Self, of the Heart, and of the Mind. We look inside and create the life your desire from that place, the purest place.

As a Life Coach I work with clients in the following areas:

  • Mindset, Thought-work, & Limiting Beliefs

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Cognitive Awareness

  • Spiritual Connection; to the Self / Higher Power

  • Love of the Self, Self-Worth, Self-Respect

  • Confidence, Clarity, & Purpose

  • Discernment, Decision-Making, Relationships

  • Time-Management, Stress-Relief, & Burnout

  • Intentional Happiness, Life Fulfillment, Hobbies

  • Setting Goals, Implementing Healthy Discipline and Habits

I work with ambitious humans seeking a shift in mentality, emotionality, or spirituality. I help clients shift mindsets, habits, and their overall perspective of life to one that aligns with their own True North. I assist with envisioning and structuring healthier habits, routines, action steps, and discipline. When we work together, we create customizable tools and strategies for you to implement slowly into your life (tools that work specifically for you, not just what's "trendy" to do on social media). 


I coach ambitious humans seeking alignment internally and externally to live a life of ease and clarity. To find your own True North, I coach growth-minded souls who work in multiple industries that vary amongst 14 countries.

Many of my clients are students, entrepreneurs, parents, creators, or artists of some kind. They seek fulfillment, creativity, and alignment while practicing intentionality throughout each category of their life. Clients range from 20-50 years of age.



Call me (954) 882-3222

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