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Your Monthly Masterclass to better Navigate + Recalibrate Life with Life Coach & Speaker:

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Ever heard of a "TED Talk"? Well... these talks are BETTER!

Welcome to TCM Talks!

Never experienced a session with Talia before? Or you've attended some but need some extra, transformative, energy in your life?

Either way, you've come to the right place!


Each month, TCM hosts a virtual masterclass for individuals seeking personal development & authentic self-discovery practices. Talia drops helpful tools, mind-shifting wisdom, and educational resources that are guaranteed to change your life as soon as the session ends.

TCM Talks are hosted live on a Zoom Stage & recorded for your convenience.


Reserve your spot for the upcoming TCM Talk below!


Nina O.

It was an honor & a pleasure to experience Talia's brilliance inside of her TCM Talk. Highlights: Her ENERGY!


Alexis R.

I just can't get enough! I feel as if I've just done a meditation and am so motivated and clear after Talia's TCM Talk. So interactive and helpful for my growth.