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PRE-RECORDED: Inner Compass Navigation Masterclass

What is a TCM Talk?

TCM Talk: A pre-recorded masterclass by Talia Caira Mervosh. The topic for this masterclass is: Inner Compass Navigation. It's going to focus on inner wisdom, spirituality & self-trust using your compass within. What's a TCM Talk? It's your Monthly Seminar to better Navigate + Recalibrate Life with TCM. Each month is a new topic with a new set of energy & tools to leave with. If you: -crave external results or validation [wish your life looked different on the outside] -have expectations for your life or judgment towards where you are or aren't in life [based on age, circumstances, things outside of yourself] -have a hard time making big decisions or fully trusting yourself [because of a fear or deep-rooted belief you have] -feel lost or are missing your zest for life [have a hard time getting out of the "suck" when it feels never ending] -or seek abundance in any form [physically, financially, spiritually, energetically, etc.] -never experienced a session with Talia before? Or you've attended some but need some extra, transformative, energy in your life? Either way, you've come to the right place! Agenda: -Setting Intentions -Defining YOUR own Inner Compass -How to LOCATE your Inner Compass -How to NAVIGATE your Inner Compass - A TRUE NORTH Visualization Activity Preparation: Safe-Quiet-Distraction Free Space Writing Utensil + Notebook Water + Get Cozy Phone Compass or Real Compass Purchase this TCM Talk today and do it on your own time, at your own pace!



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