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Hello beautiful soul! 

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It's SUMMER! The month of sunshine, fun, and vacations! And all you crave to do is get to the lake, ocean, or pool and feel that sun on your shoulders!

But what if you aren't feeling all that bright and light inside?

What if the start of summer has felt dull, dim, or even dark for you internally [mentally]?


Have you been feeling low lately? In a funk, rut, or simply "out of it" with life? Maybe you're feeling burnt out, broke, or battered down by the rocks that life throws at us [gotta love being a human, am I right?!]. Maybe you've been sitting in the suck far longer than you would like? Are you wondering how much longer it will be to when you can feel those summer sunshine vibrations again?


Well Goddess, if you've been seeking a rejuvenating opportunity to get that bright, light, and power within you to shine again, Tal has the perfect solution!



A series of 2 Masterclasses hosted by Talia from Tal's Tips

Inside Revive Your Vibe, Tal teaches you how to revive your own vibration; not just for summer, but for all of the seasons of life!

If you are an over-thinker, creator, teacher, or over-achiever seeking a soulful revival...

Then "Revive Your Vibe" is for you!

"Revive Your Vibe" is for you if you're sick of feeling...

  • Lack-minded, stressed, or constantly on edge?

  • Over-whelmed, over-worked, or over-stimulated?

  • Burnt-out from work / overall life's responsibilities?

  • Unmotivated to create, to be present, or to simply live life to your fullest?

  • Insecure about who you are or who you want to become?

Simply put, "Revive Your Vibe" is designed for women that want to feel ALIVE again.

By bringing rejuvenation, replenishment, joy, mindfulness, play, connection and internal + external engagement to your life throughout the summer, you will Revive Your Vibe, tribe, and internal compass to align you with your true VIBE!

After Revive, you will: 

  • Be relaxed [actually relaxed], replenished, and revived mentally, & emotionally which will in-turn result in physical replenishment, too

  • Be able to bless, release, and re-focus on what you want come the Fall season

  • Recenter your energy to give to what serves you and define what does not serve you moving forward 

  • Trust yourself and have new action steps to focus on daily for a rejuvenated mindset & overall healthier lifestyle 

  • Be the gatekeeper of your life; with boundaries, practice, and guidance from within

  • Be kinder to yourself, others, and live a life with more grace & patience than you have in years

When do we meet?
[if you cannot join live, that is totally fine! Everyone will receive the recording link via email after each session]

  • Masterclass Meeting #1: Tuesday, June 21st at 6:00pm EST

  • Masterclass Meeting #2: Monday, July 25th at 6:00pm EST

Let's REVIVE Your Vibe!
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