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The Compass Collective 

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Whether you are someone who has just started self-discovery & inner healing, or have your personal, emotional, or spiritual routine on lock...The Compass Collective is for you to connect to your inner wisdom [AKA: your compass] on a new, fresh, deeper level.

The mission of The Compass Collective is to connect, share, practice, + cultivate healthy inner work; the real inner work with inspiration, motivation, and deeper meaning all led by Talia herself.

The "TCC" membership is a deeper, authentic way to connect to yourself and the expansive- and miracle-minded community you've been missing.


Using a private app, you get to connect with growth-minded souls daily on a deeper level.

The Compass Collective is a cost effective membership that you subscribe to bi-annually (every six months). 

When you join the CC, you'll gain ALL the bonuses and incentives below:​​


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