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Job Searching for the New Year

Like magicians do with rabbits, I pulled the idea for this blog post right out of a hat. LITERALLY! It's my fun way of trusting the unknown and jumping into my destiny. Cheesy, I know. But, here is the back story:

My husband, Sam, and I decided to pick a place to travel to out of a hat (or bowl) for every New Year's Eve about 3 years ago. We usually put in three or four places each that we would like to travel to. It has to be somewhere we have never traveled to before and we always choose it months ahead of time so we can save up and plan the trip accordingly (flights, lodging, food, events, etc.) So, I figured I would start this blog post the same way; By picking one of my many ideas literally out of a hat!

In essence, this post is like traveling to a place I have never been to before, just like New Year's Eve trips with my hubz!! 

The idea that I picked out of the hat is the title of this blog: "Job Searching for the New Year"

I know how it feels to look for a job, and then another job, and then another job. I know the feelings that come with finding a new job: stress, rejection, passion, or excitement. It can be thrilling or it can be daunting. This process can be mentally taxing and without the proper mindset, it can impact our physical and emotional health.

Therefore, I am going to share some tips with you that I have discovered along my journey of job searching for myself, students, friends, and family.

If you are currently in a job funk or seeking advice on job searching, this is for you!

There are lots of different job situations that you could be in; I will try to cover them all. 

Common situations people are in include:

1) Unhappy in your current role and scared to branch out

2) Unemployed - searching for a job because you branched out

3) Employed & searching for a different job (in the same field or outside of your current field)

4) Switching jobs in the same field for more money, PTO, work-life balance, etc. 

5) Happy as a clam in your current job and want to move up the ladder (If this is you, I am so happy you are here, keep it up!)

I know how you feel.

Honestly, I do. I have been in each of these situations before. I have started a job, loved it for a year or two, decided to make a move, was unemployed for a couple of months, applied like a wild woman to all the jobs in my field, did some interviews, was rejected multiple times, and then finally, hired. The cycle continues now and then. AND THAT'S OK! Ultimately, we all want to find a position that makes us feel valued, making a decent income, helping us grow, while also building up our resume and skill set. Currently, I have been fortunate enough to find a role that suits my needs and fulfills me at this time...and SO WILL YOU! 

Here is how to job search like a boss! 

My top four tips on job searching are as follows...

Tal's Tip #1

When searching for a job, either in your field or outside of your field, make sure you have a valid, criteria fitting resume. I know this seems like the MOST OBVIOUS tip ever. But truly, I have interviewed multiple grown adults who do not have a proper resume for a job. What I mean by this is, that your resume needs to be consistent and match up with the description of the job. It needs to have action verbs, structured objectives (in statement form or within a career summary). Objective statements have a purpose. That purpose is making sure you state the position, level,  industry, and how you meet the criteria of the position. Your resume also needs to have consistency; fonts, markings, & structure. Resumes are SO tricky, but I have worked on more than 100 resumes and would be happy to help you with your resume anytime. 

Tal's Tip #2

Research the company! 

PLEASE, please, please. I do not mean to shout, but PLEASE, research about the company and job you are interviewing for. Before any interview, it is KEY to understand what the role is and what the company does. Ask these questions: 

-What does the company sell/offer to the community?

-Who is the CEO or owner? What are their business mission and values?

-How well is this company doing (in the market, within the economy currently)?

-How would I make an impact on this company? (Relate to the interview question "Why should we hire you? or What ideas do you have for our company/industry?"

Once you ask yourself these questions, you will hopefully find the answers when you search their company on Google, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and their business website. 

Tal's Tip #3

CONFIDENCE! I know this one also sounds obvious, but sometimes, it's hard to be confident. When you are so in your head and anxious, worried, or paranoid, it is extremely difficult to find the patience and confidence in yourself to push through. You can start to be confident within the job searching process by incorporating the following:

-Job search every day. Set up a time, place, and goal for how many applications you are going to fill out every day. Make sure you have quiet time to focus on the applications, as some applications are tedious and extensive. A goal would sound like this. "I will apply to 5 jobs every single day at 8am - 11am at the coffee shop for the next month until I get an interview." 

-Gain confidence by shifting towards positive thinking. I always put sticky notes of motivating quotes on my mirror, agenda, and phone screen whenever I have a big meeting or interview coming up - gentle reminders never hurt anyone :) 

-Listening to Podcasts, reading self-help books, watching motivational youtube videos, and listening to my upbeat or classical music (depending on the mood I am trying to get in). **See my "Resource" page on my website heading for more info on the types of podcasts and books I like!**

- Calming exercises such as, meditation, yoga, and nature walks (I like to walk the beach or nearby park ) to clear your mind. This will also help you look inward to know your true self for the interview process.

-POWER STANCES Y'ALL! - Not even joking though... I do them whenever I get nervous for a presentation or interview and they have worked every time! I just stand with my hands on my hips or up in the air, and I say positive affirmations like "I will get this job" or "I will be focused and present in this interview". And you know what? It works. I got this idea from a TED talk I watched a few years ago and it was so intriguing I had to try it myself. 

Tal's Tip #4 - Not necessary, but it has worked for many!

Try to visit the establishment! Whether it is before applying for the job or during the in-person interview process, try to visit the place of possible employment. I have even gone as far as visiting the employer with resume/portfolio in hand, blazer on, hair done, and smile on my face. Please note though, do not stalk or visit an employer!!! This is just a tip to help you do the following: 

-Envision yourself at the location of the employer - you driving to your new job, you eating lunch there, you have an office there, etc. WHEN YOU ENVISION SOMETHING, IT BECOMES REAL. 

-To gain an upper hand with the employer. You will be able to show the employer that this job means something to you by showing up in-person to introduce yourself face-to-face, which shows confidence and integrity. It also allows you to give your resume in person and not just through the internet software in which you uploaded it to when applying.

Moral of the story, you could end up working there one day! It is always a nice touch when we are hiring someone and they stop by to hand-give their resume to us. 

I hope at least one of these tips motivates you to keep searching for the job that you want! And remember, you are in charge! No one else. You have the power to choose what job you take. The ball is in your court, my friend. No one has better knowledge of how you will like a job more than YOU will. Trust your gut and instincts when applying and interviewing. Interview them as much as they interview you. You will be spending more time at your job than at home, so make sure you want it! 

As always, I am here to help! Send me an email or message me on Instagram and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We are all in this together. 

Until my next tip, 


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