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"Embrace Your Hot-Mess Express"

When was the last time you appreciated making a mess?

You know, the crumbs on the counter left after making a delicious meal, the dog hair all over from your furry friend, the dirt on your shoes from a day of play...

Listen, I know it's against the grain to even be asking this because, as someone in the personal development/self-help community, you're constantly told to get organized, clean, and disciplined to reach your next-level self.

But it's okay to love your mess!!

In fact, my friend, I encourage it.

The mess is where you learn, grow, and expand far more than you do in the clean.

Messes in their own right are as beautiful as they are painful because the mess always has a message.

Even if you can't see it, know that the message is there for you, waiting for you to discover it, sit with it, and learn.

So, it's time to ask yourself, "What's my current mess?"

So, if you're ready to embrace your mess (like I know you are ), keep scrolling!

In order to give your mess a big ol' hug and show it the love it deserves, you've got to find it first! Here are the Nine Categories of Life I give to my clients when we're looking at life as a whole. Health & Wellness Livelihood Career Self/Ego Spirituality Finances Relationships Purpose/Belief System Society/World Community Take inventory of each of these areas of your life and ask yourself, "What's my current mess? Where do I feel messy, uneasy, insecure, and/or unhinged? Those triggers are there for a reason my friend! Look within and pull the message from the mess! P.S. Purpose is a huge category I talk about, especially inside my PMP program. If you haven’t checked it out, click here to do so because we're enrolling for the sixth round NOW!!!

This week, I leave you with a challenge: Be messy in at least one of these categories of your life (you can totally pick more if you feel called to). Take this opportunity to be playful in them! Get creative, loud, crazy, chaotic, dirty-- get messy and have an absolute blast while you're doing it. Yes, I will say, things that are important to us need to be kept up with and maintained with consistency. But, if you are present and you see the mess, if you are able to smile, cry, feel into it and be grateful for it, then it's 100% worth it. Just like in life, you can't see the rainbow without the rain and you can't see any purpose without the pain. It's all beautiful, it's all painful, and the best part: it means we're alive. So, know that you're going to be able to embrace your hot mess only once you sit with it and discover the message meant for you, love yourself through the process, and Be. In. Your. Mess. The challenge is on! Get messy in at least one category of your life, take a pic, and tag me so I can share it with others so they can see we’re embracing our hot mess express and living, truly living, without resentment, anger, judgement, and frustration. If you need more insights into embracing your hot-mess or want to hear all about mine, click below to listen to the podcast episode!

The whole purpose here in the Tal’s Tips community is to feel alive, be present and mindful, and to serve on a higher level than just the surface.

With my PMP program, we break through the surface level, find what truly makes you YOU, and give you the tools to truly live as your highest self.

But don't take it from me, take it from Shelby H!

"I had no idea what "working on yourself" meant until I went through this program. I was brought to tears by the comfort & confidence I gained moving forward & it even helped me to make a painfully huge decision in my life moving forward."

Ready for this to be you?

Book your free call with Tal or a member of her team today!

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