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"Embrace Your Hot-Mess Express"

When was the last time you appreciated making a mess?

You know, the crumbs on the counter left after making a delicious meal, the dog hair all over from your furry friend, the dirt on your shoes from a day of play...

Listen, I know it's against the grain to even be asking this because, as someone in the personal development/self-help community, you're constantly told to get organized, clean, and disciplined to reach your next-level self.

But it's okay to love your mess!!

In fact, my friend, I encourage it.

The mess is where you learn, grow, and expand far more than you do in the clean.

Messes in their own right are as beautiful as they are painful because the mess always has a message.

Even if you can't see it, know that the message is there for you, waiting for you to discover it, sit with it, and learn.