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Blogging for you = Journaling for me

After going through multiple scenarios in my head regarding this whole "blogging" thing, I have realized that blogging can be very healthy for me and anyone who tries it. Even though I would much rather hand write my feelings in an artsy-fartsy notebook from Target, this works just as well. Writing my opinions and ideas for others, even if it's just for my best friends (love you guys), still means so much to me. It also helps with anxiety and clearing my head to make room for being present in the moment. It adds meaning to my life when I get to re-read the thoughts I was having about a certain life event and find the clarity and closure within it. Journaling is so personal and raw - which is really a great way to heal from the past and enjoy life even more because you get to see how far you have come since you wrote a journal entry.

 I have always written in a journal. To this day, I have my journals from elementary, middle, and high school still that I look back on and laugh hysterically in embarrassment! It is SO funny some things that I wrote 5, 10, and 20 years ago. I won't get into all that nitty-gritty info right now, but maybe one day I'll share those personal entries LOL. SO, I tell you all of this because I believe that blogging is a form of journaling and now I plan to use it to post about personal, professional, and lifestyle topics.

I have the experience and knowledge that I would like to share:

-Finding a job: The grueling resume/interview processes we all have to go through

-Relationships: The expectations, decisions, and baggage that comes with dating, the commitment, & work that comes with marriage

-Mindset: The fear, decisions, positive and negative mindsets that affect all aspects of our lives

-Wellness: Health of all kinds: mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual 

I encourage you to read my posts, watch my IGTV videos, share my posts, and follow along.

You never know when my "journaling" posts will guide you in following your passions to find a more meaningful life.

Stay tuned -  Tal's Tips Blog posts coming in hot ya'll! 

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